Habibi Hookah, Sushiya, Cheese Wheel cited by inspectors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In this week's Restaurant Report, a hookah bar is shut down for several hours after an inspector finds roaches in several areas in the kitchen and in the dining room. A couple other restaurants were cited for other serious violations but managed to stay open.

The roaches were found at Habibi Hookah Bar on First Street at Jacksonville Beach. The restaurant was only closed for four hours and allowed to open up before the dinner.

Live roaches were found underneath the soda cooler within the metal base, underneath a rubber mat and on containers of oil in the middle of the cook line. They also had to throw out falafel, sour cream, rice and lentils because they were nearly 10 degrees too warm to be considered safe to eat.

There were also a few dead roaches. That afternoon the inspector came back and there were still live roaches in the kitchen. Habibi Hookah Bar was not allowed to open back up but did get the all-clear later that afternoon when the inspector came back a third time and the bugs were gone.

Sushiya on County Road 220 in Orange Park was cited with 11 high priority violations. Chicken was not cooked to a safe temperature. Flies were in the kitchen and beef was stored over produce. They had to throw out food because it was at a dangerous temperature. Several other violations put this restaurant on the radar.

Four days later the inspector came back and there were still several serious violations. As a result, Sushiya is not clear but it was never forced to close.

An inspector will be back for a third recheck within 90 days.

The Cheese Wheel on West King Street in St. Augustine was cited for six high priority violations. Corn beef, egg salad, tuna salad and cheese was too warm so an employee had to add ice to rapidly cool the food. They had to move raw bacon because it was stored over ready to eat food. The inspector wrote that he found a single roach under the hand wash sink that they were able to address and kill on site.

Three days later the inspector came back and cleared The Cheese Wheel with zero serious violations.

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