Social media spats lead to arrests of 2 teens

19-year-old girl, 18-year-old boy arrested in separate incidents

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Two Clay County teenagers are facing charges in separate incidents related to social media spats.

Sarah Ray, 19, is charged with sexual cyber harassment after deputies said she posted nude pictures of another woman on Facebook without the the victim's consent.

"There are consequences to just even the choices we make on social media, and sooner of later, if you are a bully on social media, it will come back to bite you," Dwann Holmes, a social media consultant, told News4Jax on Friday.

The victim told deputies on Wednesday that Ray has been harassing her for months and threatening to fight her.

When the victim refused to meet Ray to fight, Ray posted the photos, deputies said. Ray is three months pregnant.

It's unclear what sparked the initial dispute between the two.

"It's very incredulous to me that so many are still acting with so much ignorance and not recognizing that, sooner or later, it may come back to really harm their family, livelihood and everything they think they are living for," Holmes said.

In a separate incident, Noah Kistler, 18, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated assault after deputies said a Snapchat argument turned violent.

The arrest report indicated that Kistler got mad at a friend over a Snapchat conversation about a girl and invited him over to his house to discuss the matter.

As soon as the friend showed up, Kistler struck him in the face with a baton and then a second time in the arm as the victim defended himself, deputies said.

The victim was able to get the baton away from Kistler and got back into his car and drove away when Kistler's parents came outside to see what was happening, deputies said.

The victim told deputies that he’d never had any issues with Kistler in the past.

"I think right now that law enforcement (officers) are taking social media at a higher level of seriousness and we can see that now by just some of the other cases that are out there now," Holmes said.

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