JSO: Woman charged with child neglect after girl swallows drug

Samantha Todd, 22, arrested after removing her child from IV, police say

Booking photo of Samantha Todd
Booking photo of Samantha Todd

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A young mother faces a charge of child neglect after her child swallowed a drug, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

According to police, Samantha Todd, 22, was arrested early Thursday morning after she removed her child from an IV at St. Vincents Hospital in Riverside, where the little girl was being treated for ingesting an opioid pill -- a drug called suboxone that's used to treat heroin addiction. 

Todd had brought the girl to the hospital, telling doctors the child ate the pill that had fallen onto the floor, police said.

Doctors first gave the toddler a Narcan dose, then began preparations to transfer her to Wolfson Children's Hospital. 

During that process, police said, Todd removed the IV and took off. 

Police said she was located at Wolfson and arrested.