Man jailed after 1 tethered dog died, 2nd suffering


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A northwest Jacksonville man faces a felony animal-cruelty charge after someone tipped off police.

Police said they got a call that a gray pit bull died in the backyard of a home on Petunia Street. When investigators arrived, they said Shelman Bailey, 30, was in the process of burying the dog.

A Jacksonville Animal Care and Control officer who was called in to investigate said the dog died as a result of being choked by an illegal chain tether. According to the investigator, the dog was wearing a chained collar with a pad lock that was embedded into the animal’s skin.

Authorities said they found a second dog illegally tethered on the property. They say that tether was so tight that it prevented the dog from getting food and water.

Tethering rules in Jacksonville state that metal chains larger than 2.5 millimeters cannot be used. Tethering lines must also be long enough to allow dogs to move 10-feet in all directions. Bailey told police he didn’t know his dog was illegally tethered. He also told police he didn’t contact animal control about the dogs death. Two neighbors who wouldn’t go on camera say the dogs had a history of trying to jump over the fence, but they also say they didn’t know one of the dogs died until we told about Bailey’s arrest.

Bailey is in the Duval County jail, held on a $50,000 bond.

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