Annual 5th of July beach cleanup picks up after holiday

Volunteers keeping beaches tidy

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – The morning after Independence Day, volunteer hit the sand to help clean up after Tuesday's Fourth of July celebrations.

This is a tradition that has spanned several years, but more recently, some said the amount of trash left behind is growing.

Trash is all over Jacksonville Beach, and the morning after the Fourth of July is even worse.

"Even though you have the trash cans everywhere, it's like, just throw where you are and then people leave it," said Chris Brooks.

Brooks is amazed by what's found.

"Towels, clothing, diapers. Other stuff. Just trash, lots of trash," Brooks said.

Volunteers were busy Wednesday morning. The annual July 5 cleanup is a tradition aimed to not only keep the beaches beautiful, but also to protect the most vulnerable wildlife.

This is an issue that goes far beyond the Fourth of July. People who live in Jacksonville Beach say lack of cleanup is a problem, even though trash cans are located at every beach entrance.

Volunteers took part in the cleanup. Volunteers met at three locations at the ocean: Atlantic Beach, Beach Boulevard and 16th Avenue South.

A little bit of help can go a long way. For those who can't help Wednesday morning, Brooks said that they can still help.

"Clean up after yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of people just don't do it," Brooks said.

The beach clean started at 7 a.m. Wednesday and was finished around 9 a.m.

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