Avondale projects underway to reduce flooding on streets

$80,000 project on Park Street the first step

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Homeowners on one block in Avondale are relieved that a serious drainage problem has been finally corrected. For years, downpours have created problems large enough to slow and even stop traffic on Park Street near Edgewood Avenue, but an $80,000 public works project has been completed to solve the problem.

Sidewalks, curbs, storm drains and some driveway entrances were replaced between Edgewood and Talbot avenues as part of the project.

In heavy rains, there is flooding on the streets in the area.

"All along this area for the housings are a lot of them you couldn't get to because it was too much water for the cars," said resident Dana Marie Biddle.

Neighbors tell us they’ve lived with the problem for years but say it’s especially tough for those trying to commute in the area and the intersections have been known to flood dramatically.

"I saw a vehicle stalled out because of the flood water and saw two young men moving the car by hand pushing it through," said Ginger Fredrick.

Neighbors say the drainage takes too long and has damaged some people’s vehicles driving through.

Neighbors said the water can get to knee-high or even waist-high.

Just last month work started to resolve the drainage issue. Since it’s wrapped up there hasn’t been a heavy enough rain to see if the problem is solved but residents hope so.

Construction for this neighborhood is far from over. Following completion of the drainage project, a $130,000 milling and resurfacing project will start on Park Street between Edgewood Avenue and Dancy Street next week.

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