Flies, dirty dishes, possible cross-contamination top list of restaurant violations

Restaurant Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Flies, dirty dishes and possible cross-contamination top the list of violations in this week's Restaurant Report.

A Japanese Steakhouse is getting a second chance after a failing inspection. Otaki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar on Gate Parkway is on the radar with seven high-priority violations.

An inspector found raw chicken stored over produce. He noted that he also found steak stored over eggs. 

The manager was required to relocate those items so there wouldn't be any potential for cross-contamination.

The inspector also caught an employee touching ready-to-eat food without gloves, according to report. 

Also, the report says workers were washing dishes improperly with not enough sanitizer.

The restaurant was allowed to stay open. It's due for a recheck within the next three months.

Sliders Oyster Bar in Neptune Beach is still on the radar after three failing inspections.

There were five high-priority violations during the initial report. The inspector found live flies in the kitchen and raw hamburgers were stored over packaged shrimp and fish. They also had to throw out cheese that was outdated.

Three days later, the inspector came back and there was only one high-priority violation. 

A dozen small flies were still in the kitchen. Sliders was given more time to get rid of the pests.

Three days later, an inspector came back again and still found flies. The inspector gave Sliders another pass and more time.  They're still due for a recheck.

According to past inspections, the restaurant has a problem with flies. It's been a consistent violation since inspections dating back to April 2015.

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