Jacksonville Mosquito Control plans aerial spraying next week

San Marco, Englewood among areas slated for spraying


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Mosquito Control Division will conduct aerial mosquito spraying over residential and rural areas this week today and July 10 and 11.


Mosquito spraying is used to curb biting adult mosquito populations. Flights are usually conducted by helicopter at dusk or dawn. Recent rainfall may be a factor, as mosquitoes are attracted to standing water to lay their eggs,

Englewood will be sprayed Thursday morning. The intended area is north of the St. John's River, east to University Boulevard South and near I-95.

Aerial spraying of San Marco is slated for July 10. The target area traces I-95, north to the St. John's River, and east of University Boulevard South.

Mosquito Control personnel will treat two sections of Maxville and the Sal Taylor area north of Cochise Avenue and Fretwell park. Also an area near Herlong Airport north of 103rd Street and south of Normandy Street is set for spraying as well. All four areas will be treated Tuesday.

Mosquito Control has already treated areas such as Arlington, Fort Caroline, Kernan and San Pablo Village.

For more information on spraying schedules and prevention, visit the COJ Mosquito Control website.