Charges dismissed against UCF student suspended for 'grading' ex's letter


ORLANDO, Fla. – When a University of Central Florida student's ex-girlfriend sent him a letter of apology, in February, he went old school on his response.

Well, he only went "school" on Elizabeth, his ex.

Lutz even took off points for Elizabeth's poor handwriting. Ouch!

According to Lutz, he received the letter after putting an end to the relationship. Lutz felt there was too much sneaking going on.

After adding up all the demerits marked down on the four-page letter, Lutz gave it a final score of 61, for a D- grade.

Lutz then posted the letter and his grade to Twitter. But when it was seen by UCF officials, Lutz was suspended from the school, which claimed his behavior was disruptive and harmful.

The student filed an appeal and the school finally dismissed the case on July 20. In a statement UCF said, "Though your reported behavior is concerning, it does not appear to be an expressed violation of a Rule of Conduct."

Lutz took to Twitter following the dismissal saying, "It was a great sigh of relief that I report that the case has officially been dismissed by UCF! Thank you everyone, especially @JacobVStuart."