Passenger's bare feet make for 'nightmare' flight


SAN FRANCISCO – We all have to deal with certain inconveniences when flying these days, but one woman may have endured the jumbo jet of annoying flight behavior.

Jessie Char was flying JetBlue to San Francisco on Tuesday and tweeted how ecstatic she was to find two empty seats next to her.

The elation did not last long.

During the flight, a female passenger sitting in the row behind removed her shoes and removed her socks and stuck her bare feet on the armrests next to Char.

In a subsequent tweet, Char shared a picture and proclaimed to be flying on the set of a "nightmare."

But it gets worse.

The lady proceeded to then lift the window shade with her left foot.

(We'll pause a second to let you reread that last sentence)

Eventually the rude passenger retracted her feet from the armrest and sanity returned to the world of air travel.