Father of 14 children killed in North Edgewood Avenue crash

Family identifies victim as 38-year-old Alvin Nelson

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A father of 14 children died in a crash Thursday night in Northwest Jacksonville.

Alvin Nelson's family is left grieving, hoping to get answers about the moments leading up to his death.

"I want justice for my child," Carolyn Nelson said. "I've got to have justice."

Her son, 38-year-old Alvin Nelson, died in the crash, which was reported about 7 p.m. on North Edgewood Avenue near Old Kings Road. 

Alvin Nelson had 14 children and a set of twins on the way. The mother of the twins was in the car with him at the time of the crash. Nelson's family said she lost the babies and is now in critical condition.

Family members said they want to know what caused the crash.

"My brother has 14 kids," Alvin's sister, Sharonda Nelson-Scott, said. "I have 14 nephews and nieces looking at us right now and we have no answers."

A sister left helpless and a mother and brother with those same feelings after their loved one, Alvin Nelson, was suddenly killed.

"One of the cars flipped over up top," Michael Felton said. "It was my brother and his baby mama in the car. She was pregnant with his twins. She lost her twins."

Police said when they arrived on scene, all three vehicles involved in the crash were in the southbound lane of Edgewood Avenue North. One of the vehicles was flipped over. Alvin Nelson's family said it was his vehicle.

According to the crash report, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said at least one driver is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

Alvin Nelson's family said he's a loving father, son, brother and friend and will truly be missed.

Family members said Alvin had been previously shot in the head and the bullet could never be removed. He died with the bullet in his head.

The crash remains under investigation.