Rebirth of a waterfront restaurant

Palms Fish Camp reopens after more than a decade

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After being closed for more than a decade, the Palms Fish Camp on Heckscher Drive is back open, but getting to this point was anything but smooth sailing.

The Palms Fish Camp was a very popular restaurant, but at one point it became a city-owned property. However, issues with owners and potential operators came up, they were in and out of court for many years. So now, the new owners are excited the restaurant is back in the neighborhood and ready to welcome new customers.

The relaunched Palms Fish Camp has been open for about two weeks. The word is getting out online and on social media, and folks are lining up.

"I've been out here to witness it coming down, then going up, and then staying vacant and now this, it's really a rebirth," said attorney Marc Hardesty, one of the new owners.

This all started when the city bought the property back in 2002. Over the years, there were conflicts between the city and the operators and the building was torn down. Then construction started years later with a new operator, but again, the parties went to court.

Fast forward to last year, Hardesty and his partners stepped in, agreeing to finish the building.

"This was an opportunity for us, being in our own neighborhood," Hardesty said. "That we want to make sure this was a neighborhood place that was friendly."

Right on the water, you can enjoy the tiki bar and take in the great view. Inside, you'll find local artwork on the wall, an open kitchen and plenty of dishes to choose from.

The restaurant has its own dock. People can ride up in their boats, jet skis or other water craft, tie up and head in to dinner.

Hardesty said even though it's still early, the response from the community has been great.

The Palms Fish Camp is located at 6359 Heckscher Drive.

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