Mom shares warning after teen suffers overdose from possibly laced pot

Doctors say marijuana teen used possibly laced with fentanyl

ST. JOHNS, Fla. – A St. Johns County teen was left clinging to life after she smoked marijuana that might have been laced with a powerful drug, her mother told News4Jax.

Marcia Mazzoni said her daughter, who News4Jax is not naming, was left by friends near her Julington Creek home, nearly unconscious after she smoked pot with another teen earlier this month. 

Mazzoni said the emergency room was one of the last places she ever expected to have to meet her daughter, and the condition the teen was in was something she'll never forget.

“It was a horrifying experience to get that kind of phone call when you are not even around,” Mazzoni said. “When they got her to the ER, she was very limp, she was unable to communicate.”

Mazzoni said the entire ordeal was shocking mainly because it's rare to hear about drugs like that being used or sold in Julington Creek. She said she isn't naive enough to think it never happens but wants other parents to know it can happen anywhere.

According to the report from the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, the two teens went to orientation in the morning at Creekside High School before leaving to get lunch off Race Track Road and take pictures at Alpine Grove Park.

From there, they ended up at Mills Field and got marijuana from an acquaintance. One of them took two hits before having an overdose-like reaction.

Emergency room doctors said it appeared the marijuana might have been laced with synthetic fentanyl, which is a powerful opioid. The drug plays no favorites, showing up all over St. Johns County, including Julington Creek.

“Keep talking, share the message, share what happened to my daughter. It's important,” Mazzoni said of how she plans to spread awareness. “You don't want your daughter or son to be in the same situation mine is. Fortunately, we had a happy ending.”

Mazzoni's daughter is recovering and back in school -- an ending not everyone in her situation gets.

St. Johns County deputies are working to determine whether charges could be filed against at least one of the teens who was involved, but none have been filed yet.