JEA prepares for Hurricane Irma


All eyes are on Hurricane Irma, any potential impacts for northeast Florida are still unknown at this point. JEA is staying ahead of the game. 

Irma is a major hurricane in the Atlantic churning at more than 180 mph. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared the entire state in a state of emergency. 

Gerri Boyce, spokesperson for JEA, states that it is important that Floridians keep an eye on weather reports.

Hurricane Irma is packing strong winds at a rate of 185 mph, JEA is committed to providing quality service to its customers. Many lessons were learned after Hurricane Matthew last year, including fortifying its grid, acquiring a helicopter and drones to assist in power restoration.

Boyce states that the most important thing is safety and public health, JEA wants the public to be prepared. Be prepared for prolonged hours, possibly days without power. Boyce continues by stating that you can live without electricity but not without water.She emphasizes the importance of stocking upon essentials for the storm.

The most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history made its first landfall in the islands of the northeast Caribbean early Wednesday, churning along a path pointing to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba before possibly heading for Florida over the weekend.


Boyce wants the public to stay away from downed power lines especially when water is present.