JetBlue capping Florida flights at $99 to help evacuations

People reporting 'extraordinarily high' ticket prices out of Florida

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ORLANDO, Fla. – JetBlue is offering $99 flights out of several Florida cities to help people evacuate from Hurricane Irma.

The airline is capping their direct flights at $99 until September 10 to ensure people will be able to leave from Florida cities where JetBlue operates. Connecting flights are also capped at $159.

JetBlue flies out of Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, among other locations.

"We want those trying to leave ahead of the hurricane to focus on their safe evacuation, rather than worry about the cost of flights," JetBlue spokesperson Doug McGraw said.

Many who have attempted to evacuate Florida this week have been met with "extraordinarily high" prices. 

"When airline pricing systems recognize that a flight will be overbooked, it can send ticket prices to astronomical levels to cover the anticipated costs and penalties of bumping other ticket holders," Quartz explained. 

Many airlines are working to add extra flights to their normal flights out of Florida. 

JetBlue flights offering $99 tickets may already be sold out, several reports suggest.