Red Cross shelters - what to bring?


Irma is expecting to reach northeastern Florida by Monday morning.

Now is the time to get your hurricane kit together.

The plan is not to panic the masses, but to help prepare for severe weather.

According to Christian Smith, of American Red Cross, encourages residents “to pay attention to warnings from official sources. If officials are urging an evacuation, take that warning seriously.”

If you plan on evacuating from your home and seeking refuge in a shelter, it is suggested that you walk and carry the bare minimum. Take copies of important documents including birth certificates, marriage licenses, Social Security cards, marriage licenses, property insurance documents. It is suggested to keep all these important documents in a zip close bag.

Please keep on hand two- week supplies of prescription medications, a battery-operated radio and cellphone chargers.

Bring non-perishables food items including nuts, canned food and one gallon of water per person per day, and According to Christian Smith, of American Red Cross, anticipate needing a minimum three days of water.


According to Smith, “You can volunteer to help in recovery efforts after the storm has passed. American Red Cross gives free in-depth training for volunteers who would like to help.”