Family vows to name baby 'Duke' if they get power restored

Duke Energy says they won't hold family to promise

OVIEDO, Fla. – It's a sign that has drawn attention by the hundreds in Oviedo and online.

The sign reads, "Power still out. Wife pregnant. Fix today and will name baby Duke!"

Tony Galarza made the sign Thursday after a push from his wife.

"My wife called me yesterday when she was at my brother-in-law's house and said, you know, it would be funny if you put a sign out that said, 'Wife's pregnant. Name the kid Duke if you turn it on for us today,'" Galarza said.

Initially, he wasn't too keen on the idea.

"At first it was so hot and I was just like, 'It's too hot. It's not even funny. I'm like, ehh.' But, then I got to thinking, 'You know what,? Hey. It is kind of worth it..." Galarza said.

The sign drew attention from drivers and his neighbors.

"I was like, 'Tony is up to no good again,'" neighbor Kathy Brenner said .

"It's more really just to kind of shed light. This is a tough thing to go through. We know there are so many other people going through so much worse than we are. But a little bit of humor goes a long way," Galarza said.

And it did.

Duke Energy restored his and his neighbor's power Friday afternoon.

And they got a laugh out of the sign too.

A Duke Energy employee told News 6 they won't hold Galarza to naming his baby boy Duke.

The company plans on sending the family a baby gift for the laugh along with well wishes.

As for the soon-to-be addition and his future name, Galarza said it's not his call.

"Well, it's really up to the wife, obviously," Galarza said.