Hurricane relief programs include re-employment assistance

Hurricane Irma affects tourism and hospitality industry


MIAMI – If you or someone you know is blaming Hurricane Irma for losing work, there is a government program could help.

The storm is already to be blame for income losses in the restaurant and hospitality industries in South Florida. The estimated 1.2 million workers -- some of whom live paycheck to paycheck --- have very little protections. 

The State Emergency Response Team and The Federal Emergency Management Agency were managing a reemployment program with them in mind. 

The program requires an online application submission before Oct.16, and those who qualify will receive grants and work opportunities associated with disaster recovery. For more information, call 1-800-385-3920 or 1-866-487-2365. 

Here is a list of some of the general requirements:

  • Not eligible for regular unemployment insurance
  • Be unemployed as a direct result of the disaster
  • Be able and available for work, unless injured as a direct result of the disaster
  • File an application for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) within 30 days of the date of the announcement of availability of DUA
  • Have not refused an offer of employment in a suitable position

Here is a list of conditions for unemployment:

  • The individual has had a week of unemployment following the date the major disaster began
  • The individual is unable to reach his/her place of employment
  • The individual was scheduled to start work and the job no longer exists or the individual was unable to reach the job
  • The individual became the major supporter of the household because the head of the household died as a direct result of the disaster
  • The individual cannot work because of an injury caused as a direct result of the major disaster
  • The individual lost a majority of income or revenue because the employer or self-employed business was damaged, destroyed or closed by federal government