St. Johns County residents worry about flooding from nor'easter

Neighbors say flooding comes from retention pond that's barely draining

ANASTASIA ISLAND, Fla. – As the nor'easter comes into the area, people living west of A1A near the Intracoastal Waterway are concerned about flooding.

Homes in the Ponce De Leon Villas community, south of St. Augustine Beach, are being rebuilt following massive flooding from Hurricane Irma.

The homeowners said flooding comes from a severe drainage problem with a nearby retention pond.

With the nor'easter across Northeast Florida, houses along Fountain of Youth Boulevard are covered with plastic and sandbags line perimeters.

"With Matthew, I had 16 inches of water in the house," said Mary Holmes, who lives on the street. "It was all the way up. It looked like a bath tub ring around my house."

People like Holmes are reconstructing their homes for the second time since last October. The streets were flooded again like they are now during Hurricane Matthew and Irma.

Neighbors said the flooding comes from a retention pond that's barely draining.

"They know the pipes are old and they need to be replaced, but they aren't doing anything," Holmes said.

Other neighbors told News4Jax that they've contacted St. John's County officials in hopes of getting help for the 75 families in the neighborhood.

"I know it's going to be an expensive fix for them. I understand that," Bonnie Acre said. "They need to realize how expensive it is for our neighbors who have to rebuild. Some of them don't even have flood insurance."

News4Jax's cameras rolled as St. John's County vehicles came into the neighborhood to assess the flood levels.

In the meantime, people in the area want relief fast.

"It's extremely difficult. Not only is it terribly stressful, I had to use screw drivers and buying all of this stuff to put the plastic up, and the sandbags were heavy," Holmes said. "I'm so grateful I had good friends to help me get sandbags."

News4Jax has asked SJC public works department to see if there's any plan in the works to get the drainage issue fixed but had not received an answer by Saturday night.