Ammunition, tactical gear stolen from Grove Park home

Homeowner out of town when home broken into

Two televisions, ammunition and tactical gear were stolen during a burglary in Grove Park

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen, including ammunition and tactical gear, from a Grove Park home over the weekend while the homeowner was out of town. 

Victor Colon told News4Jax that he moved into his home about a month ago. He went out of town over the weekend and when he returned, he noticed his television was no longer on the wall mount.

"I found these (screws) on the ground,” Colon said. "They took their time and unscrewed the TV itself."

Colon told News4Jax reporter Crystal Moyer that he thinks the thieves used his own power tools he found lying on the ground.

"I feel violated, basically," Colon said. 

He was also missing a second television, ammunition and tactical gear including bulletproof vests he used during the 20 years he spent serving in the U.S. Army. They are sentimental items he said can't be replaced.

"My gun bag was open on the ground,” Colon said. “This is where I kept my ammo. It's roughly about 600 rounds they took."

The weapons, however, were untouched, locked in a secure area. What's unusual is what the thieves left behind. 

"The swords, they were right there not even touched,” Colon said. "They left the laptop. They left the VCR. They took three of these (drawers) that contained socks, bathing suits and shirts. I don't know why. I still can't figure that one out."

Colon said someone broke in through the side window, but the storage room isn't connected to the rest of the house. So the thieves tried again through the backyard, taking a concrete rock and throwing it through the window, smashing the glass. A whole can be seen where it punctured through the laundry room wall.

"One thing they did, they pulled these gun cases out from underneath the bed. A lot of people store their guns there," Colon said.

All the thieves found were empty cases, but he wants his neighbors to think twice about where they store their weapons. With more than $3,500 in stolen goods and damage, Colon said he is already taking action to prevent this from happening again.

"I'm installing an alarm system,” Colon said. “I got cameras up and running now and I'm going to let my close friends come by and look at the house and check on it while we're gone."

Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at 904-630-0500.