Photographer captures big waves and goes viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hurricane Irma hit northeast Florida, and in the wake of rebuilding, one photo went viral.
While most families were hunkered in during Hurricane Irma, Mark Krancer did what he knew best: photography. 

Krancer received a text from his pastor, who told him the floodwaters were rising and to evacuate the Riverside area. Krancer told his pastor, “I’m gonna go take pictures.” Krancer took his camera and went to the Memorial Park at Riverside and snapped an image that went viral. While snapping about 100 photos, Krancer’s photographic drive just kicked in. 

The photograph entitled “Life in the River” has since been shared on social media and has gone viral.

There has been tremendous outpouring of love from the Jacksonville community, including The 5 and Dime Theatre, 904 Happy Hour and Visit Jacksonville which all supported Krancer and his photography. 
Krancer states, “I knew this was something special, but I’m incredibly blessed to know it has received this sort of attention that it has and become an iconic shot. It’s really hard for me to grasp at times."

Memorial Park has served as the site of many special moments, including weddings and birthday parties, and has a lot of family history for Jacksonville locals. Krancer states that it brings him “a great joy and responsibility” and that his photography will help financially rebuild the park. Krancer is working closely with Memorial Park Association to rebuild Memorial Park.