Dog found after disappearing in Vegas shooting

California family refused to go home without her


A California man has reunited with his dog after losing her in the chaos of Sunday's shooting in Las Vegas, KSNV reported.

Ryan Needham said he refused to go home without Rou, KSNV reported. She is a therapy dog, devoted to comforting her owners.

The pup's story went viral on social media after she ran away in the massacre that killed dozens and injured hundreds.

Needham and his family struggled to sleep in their days-long search for Rou, KSNV reported.

On Wednesday night, Needham spotted her in a field near Mandalay Bay. He hopped a fence to get near her, called for her and knelt down, he told KSNV. Rou ran straight to him and jumped into his arms.

Then, Needham did the comforting and the French bulldog dozed off in her owner's lap.