Gun shops expect increase in concealed weapons classes

Historically after mass shootings conceal carry increases


JACKSONVILLE, Fla.In the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas, we have already seen gun manufacturer stocks rise over the last few days, along with a bump in sales at local gun stores.

One local shop says they also expects a boost in people taking concealed weapons classes. 

After the Pulse Nightclub terror attack last year in Orlando, the number of concealed carry permit applications in Florida increased 55 percent.
"You do get a higher influx of people inquiring about the class and wanting to make sure that they are protected and the family is safe," said Phil Gazaleh of Green Acres Sporting Goods.
According to the Department of Agriculture, as of September 30th, there are 1,812,121 active concealed weapons licenses in Florida.
80,469 of those are in Duval County.
In June and July of 2015, the year before the Pulse shooting, there were 54,045 new applications in Florida for concealed weapons permits.
In June and July 2016, just after Pulse, there were 77,761 new applications, an increase of nearly 24,000.
Numbers like that are why Phil Gazaleh from Green Acers Sporting Goods says the classes are so important.
"It's easy to buy a gun. But it's not easy to properly handle it, know how to load it or how to unload it. Where are you allowed to carry it before you get a permit, after you get a permit," Gazaleh said.

News4Jax Crime and Safety Analyst Gil Smith says all the new gun owners can also bring another issue. 

"Now you will have more weapons purchased in Jacksonville but people may be more lax with those weapons and leave them unsecured, then have a weapon stolen and used in another crime," Smith said.