Flooding threatens Jacksonville's Ribault neighborhood -- again

Neighbors hit hard by Irma flooding say they can't get break

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville's Northside residents hit hard by floodwaters from Hurricane Irma said they cannot get a break.

During high tide Thursday morning, people living along Ken Knight Drive in the Ribault neighborhood woke up to find floodwaters from the Ribault River at their front doors.

Neighbors were trapped inside their homes as they waited for high tide to recede.

With one side of Ken Knight Drive under a foot of water, homeowner Velma Aiken was forced to cancel a doctor's appointment.

"The water is rushing in. Before you know it, you're all backed in the house. So I just planned not to go anywhere today until the tides go down," Aiken told News4Jax.

Aiken's home was already damaged by floodwaters from Hurricane Irma, so she was frustrated Thursday morning when the high tide caused the Ribault River to overflow onto her property.

"My house is all messed up, too," Aiken said. "The insurance adjuster came to assess my damage and he couldn't even get in because the water was so high."

Several nor'easters between late summer and early fall, combined with heavy rainfall from Hurricane Irma and gravitational pull from a full moon during high tide, caused river levels to rise and overflow into the neighborhood.

Neighbors have already suffered as a result of Hurricane Irma and they're still on edge because of the tidal flooding.

“We all just stressed out and frustrated," said Ribault resident Terri Bennett. 

A nearby children's park, which already was under repair after floodwaters from Irma left it unsanitary to play in, now has more water and muck slowing down the work. 

Ribault residents are keeping a watchful eye on the river for the next high tide/

"Just praying and hoping this nor'easter will go over, then the tides won't be so high," Aiken said with tears in her eyes.

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