St. Johns County School District proposes 3rd plan for rezoning

Proposals could affect students at 14 area schools; parents fed up with changes

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – St. Johns County, the state’s top-rated school district, has proposed a third plan for rezoning.

The proposals could affect students at 14 area schools, and many St. Johns County parents are on edge as they're unsure where there children will be going to school next fall.

St. Johns County is growing and construction can be seen all around as more people move to the county for the schools. There's no doubt parents want their children to get the best education possible, but some are fed up with the constant changes. 

The St. Johns County School District is making moves ahead of the opening of two new K-8 schools to meet the county’s rapid growth. School LL will be in Aberdeen and School KK will be in Ponte Vedra Beach. 

Just this week, the district released the third proposal, "Plan C," which affects Hickory Creek Elementary School students and others living in the RiverTown development -- for the first time. 

"We were all caught very off-guard," said Jennifer Blaumueller, who has two middle school students who could be affected by the latest plan.

Under the proposal, her children would have to change schools twice in two years. 

"For existing kids here, it just seems unnecessary to have to pluck them out for only a couple of years and then to kind of be reacclimated with the kids that that they have mostly grown up knowing," Blaumueller told News4Jax on Friday. "It just doesn't seem right."

Blaumueller said she moved to this RiverTown neighborhood for the sense of community and the neighborhood schools.

"We thought we are good for the duration that we would have stability. That was a big reason why we chose this neighborhood," she said.

Blaumueller and many other parents in the neighborhood are hoping to learn more and have open dialogue with the school district before anything is finalized. 

Parents will have an opportunity to weigh in on the issue next week. The school board has a meeting set for Tuesday. 

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