US Homeland Security agents join relief efforts in Puerto Rico

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Federal agents with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have joined the Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

On Thursday, federal agents headed out to some remote areas of the U.S. territory. They were bringing food and water to an orphanage and nursing home. They were also bring tarps, chainsaws and tools to clear roads and cover homes.

The Special Response Team, like SWAT, is protecting fuel shipments on the island, armed with tactical rifles.

They told me at least one fuel truck was hijacked, and there are some groups of armed criminals robbing people.

But far and above, the residents here are appreciative of the support and receptive of the agents.

Some of the agents, including a supervisor, are from the Homeland Security Investigations’ Jacksonville, Florida, office.

I will be heading back from Puerto Rico Thursday night. 

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