Vigil held for Keegan Roberts

People gather on Southside calling for justice in Roberts' death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People gathered on the Southside calling for justice in the death of Keegan Roberts, who was killed in July by his neighbor.

Things got heated Saturday night at a vigil for Roberts as a woman supporting his shooter showed up.

Roberts is the 22-year-old man who was shot by his neighbor in July after an argument. The shooting was later determined justified by the state attorney's office, sparking outrage in the black community.

The family members of Roberts were passing out flyers calling for State Attorney Melissa Nelson to review the case again.

Police said Roberts' neighbor, who News4Jax is not naming because he hasn't been charged with a crime, shot Roberts after some type of dispute between the two.

The shooting is determined justified under "stand your ground" law, but neighbors are saying the shooter crossed the street onto Roberts' property, and some of them don't believe that was necessary.

Neighbors and Roberts' family said the dispute was over trash found in the shooter's yard.

The vigil started peacefully. Lots of people came out in support of Roberts. His family had flyers, calling for the shooter to be charged. Things took a heated turn when a woman in support of the shooter showed up.

"We've never had a shooting in this neighborhood," said Teresa, who did not give News4Jax her last name. "We've never had this happen in our neighborhood, ever, in 60 years."

Teresa said the man who shot Roberts did so in self-defense.

Roberts' mother, Cecilia Shepard, said she'll never stop fighting for her son's killer to be put in jail.

"I need peace. I won't get that until something is done," Shepard said. "If it's my last breath, so be it. My son was a good person."

The family stood outside of Roberts' home Saturday night, chanting, calling for justice.

News4Jax tried knocking at the shooter's door to see if he wanted to comment. No one answered.