Thieves target unlocked vehicles in Atlantic Beach

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – There's a neighborhood crime alert for residents in Atlantic Beach. Car burglars have targeted two apartment complexes. Within the last week thieves struck at the Otter Run Apartments and Atlantica Apartments. 

Management at Otter Run Apartments have posted up warning signs reminding people to lock their car doors. The warning comes just days after a number of items were stolen from unlocked cars.

"It's not uncommon for them to walk around in the early hours of the morning or night  when people are asleep and not paying attention and simply walk up and check a car door," said former officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, James Brown.

Felicia Brock, a resident at Otter Run apartments was targeted last week when thieves stole items from her car.
"I was fuming mad cause I was taking my kids to school when I found out," said Brock. "My papers were everywhere, there was a pair of Batman shoes, toddler shoes in there that I needed to return- that was all gone."
Just down the road, residents at the Atlantica Apartments are sharing a similar story. While the owner said they're warning residents by sending out fliers and increasing security by installing new cameras around the complex, he said homeowners need to do their part as well.
Takes the extra steps to make sure that nothing is left behind in your car. On top of making sure you don't leave valuables behind, JSO encourages you to get into the habit of locking your doors, and double checking your locks every night at 9. 
Using JSO's crime mapping system, News4Jax found that in the past 6 months, within a half mile radius of Assisi Lane, there have been 21 thefts, seven vehicle break-in/thefts, five burglaries, and three motor vehicle thefts​.