Dozens of health violations keep restaurant inspectors busy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – No closures were reported this week but, instead, dozens of high-priority violations kept health inspectors busy. Some of these restaurants had major pest problems.

Kazu Sushi Burrito on West Adams Street was cited for four high-priority violations. During the inspection, insects, rodents and other pests were all seen crawling around. In some unused portions of the kitchen, the inspector even found spiders and spiderwebs. The report noted that raw fish didn't go through proper parasite destruction procedures, and foods such as chicken and shrimp were stored at the wrong temperature.

The inspector came back three days later and found three basic violations that now require a follow-up inspection.

In Clay County, the Country Cabin on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park got hit with seven high-priority violations. Insects were flying around in the kitchen and food prep area. According to the report, this isn't the first time the restaurant has been cited for flies. Some other repeat violations include employees touching cheese and other food with their bare hands.

An employee was also cited for cracking raw eggs and then touching ready-to-eat food without washing their hands first. Most violations were corrected on-site. The restaurant is scheduled for a follow-up inspection.

O'Charley's on County Road 220 in Orange Park didn't have any problems with live bugs. Instead, rice, raw shrimp, cheese and deli meats were either stored at the wrong temperature or in the wrong place and had to be thrown out. The restaurant is due for another checkup after it received six high-priority violations.

Flies and raw sewage were found in a popular new restaurant near the St. Johns Town Center.