Rock legends headline Hurricane Irma benefit concert in Clay County

Proceeds go towards supporting those still recovering from impacts of storm

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Several rock legends headlined Saturday night in Clay County to raise money for Hurricane Irma victims.

Among the big names was Southern Rock legend and Jacksonville natives Lynyrd Skynyrd. Also in Clay County Saturday night were Bobby Ingram and the Curt Towne Band.

Proceeds go toward supporting those still recovering from the impacts of the storm.

Rock bands, politicians and the people of Clay County all packed into one building for a great cause.

"We thought that we would get everybody together and have a big party and raise money for Clay County," event organizer Jim Signorile said.

"Music is a universal language, and when you get musicians together and people that can help, there are musicians that might have a little influence in the community," Ingram said. "Let's come together and let's make it happen. Let's help people out there."

With tonight's motto, "Help Somebody if you can," the group of people is sure to bring relief to those still suffering the damages of Hurricane Irma.

"The money is for a great cause. It's for the Irma victims and there are still victims. That's still going on right now," Ingram said. "They're having a hard time out there with the floods."

The organizers, St. Michael's Soldiers, is a veterans assistance group. One of the organizers said this was the perfect way to celebrate Veterans Day.