Dogs that killed 10 cats in one day deemed dangerous, put down

Owner of cat-killing dogs issued 6 citations so far


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After neighbors said at least 10 cats were killed by a pair of dogs in the Murray Hill area earlier this month, the dogs were deemed dangerous by the city and were euthanized.

Animal Care and Protective Services took "Dino" and "Romen" into custody after surveillance video captured them running loose Nov. 3 and attacking cats. Workers decided the dogs were dangerous, and they were put down.

The owner, Autumn McCarthy, agreed to a private cremation through Paw Prints on Nov. 8, according to a city report.

McCarthy has received six citations for two dogs for destruction of property and biting. More could be coming, according to the city.

Surveillance video recorded the two dogs coming onto a porch of a home on Porch Street and killing a cat. The city is investigating several others attacked and killed in the area.

Pet owners believe there could there be more victims as there are flyers showing missing pets in the same neighborhood where the cats are being killed.

According to the city, owners of a dangerous dog must:

  • Clearly visible warning signs at each entry point warning of the dog.
  • If the dog is maintained outside, a portion of the owner's property must be fenced with a secured perimeter fence, then a second fence at least 6 feet high at least 5 feet between all sides that remains locked at all time the dog is unattended.
  • Tethering or otherwise tying a dog to a tree or post inside the perimeter fence is not considered a proper enclosure.

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