Walk of Justice held for slain 12-year-old girl

Ra'Mya Eunice shot by 11-year-old boy at birthday party

Ra'Mya Eunice
Ra'Mya Eunice

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A community came together Sunday for a Walk for Justice on Moncrief Road in memory of a 12-year-old girl who was shot at a birthday slumber party. 

Ra'Mya Eunice and friends were kidding around inside a home in the city's Lackawanna neighborhood when a 12-year-old boy went outside and fetched a shotgun hidden beneath the home. When the boy returned, witnesses said, he took turns pointing the weapon at everyone in the room.

At one point, the boy challenged those in the room while the gun was leveled at Ra'Mya, saying, "Say I won't," according to an affidavit. When a guest replied, "You won't," witnesses said the boy squeezed the trigger, shooting Ra'Mya.

She was taken to UF Health Jacksonville, where she died May 25 after she was removed from life support.

Ra’Mya’s Family and friends came together in a circle of prayer. Sunday would have been her 13th birthday. 

“It’s great to have the support from the neighborhood,” Ra’Mya’s mother Teresa Gordon said. “She was really loved.”

After losing Ra’Mya to gun violence, her family is sending a message to parents and children in the community.  

“If you find or see a gun somewhere, leave it there,” Ra’Mya’s grandmother Tasha Franklin said. “Go tell an adult. Let an adult know that it is there. Don’t touch it. Don’t move it. Just let an adult know.”

The group marched down Moncrief Road holding a sign to spread their message.

“Lock the guns up,” Gordon said. “Keep them away.”

The Walk for Justice ended at Ra’Mya’s gravesite, where they wished her a happy birthday. 

“Even though she is gone, her memory is going to live on through each and every one of us,” Franklin said. 

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