Dogs that attacked Lake City boy released from animal control, settlement says

Boy's mother 'extremely angry,' says dogs shouldn't be allowed to roam free

LAKE CITY, Fla. – Dogs that attacked a Lake City boy in early September have been released from animal control, according to a settlement agreement. 

The dogs were returned to their owner, who used to live next door to the boy and his family. 

Michelle Sallie, the boy's mother, told News4Jax on Wednesday that's she extremely upset the dogs were released, saying animal control was supposed to keep them. She said dogs that could do that to a child shouldn't be allowed to roam free.

About four months ago, Sallie said, her son, Wesley, was put in the hospital after their neighbor's six large dogs attacked him. 

"(It was) absolutely terrifying. It's something that doesn't leave your head, ever," she said. "I'm amazed that he's still here."

But the dogs, which animal control took into custody after the attack, have been released. 

According to a settlement agreement between Columbia County Animal Control and the Lake City Humane Society, the dogs were released to the owner after one of the six dogs died in the shelter nearly two weeks ago. 

"I'm extremely angry. I'm upset for Wesley," I'm upset for Wesley. I'm upset for the community, just in the sense that children -- all children -- are in danger of these dogs."

The agreement also states the dogs can’t stay in Columbia County. 

Sallie said her neighbor has since moved to Suwannee County, where the dogs are living with him.

But the mother said she still believes her former neighbor should be held accountable for the attack. 

"Justice -- I think that he needs to serve the maximum sentence that he possibly can," Sallie said.

Wesley is doing better, although his scars from the dog bites, are still there. But he said his little dog Bubba, which he got about two months ago, is there to protect him. 

Sallie said there will be a pre-trial hearing regarding her former neighbor’s dogs on Thursday. 

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