Glynn County students have 2 months to apply to change schools


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If Glynn County parents are interested in sending their children to schools outside of their attendance zone, they have a two-month window to apply.

Intra-district transfers allow students to attend school outside of their attendance zones if the request has been approved. But the receiving school must have room to accommodate them.

The district will not provide transportation for students who attend school out of zone.

Notice of students' approval or revocation will be provided by each school to parents and guardians via email no later than Feb. 28.

To streamline the application process, students currently approved for an intra-district transfer will not have to reapply during the application window.

Instead, the principal at the school the student currently attends will review the approval for consideration for the next school year.

It's worth noting that an existing transfer can be withdrawn if the student is not in good standing in terms of attendance, academics or behavior.

Parents and guardians can appeal the decision to the superintendent by writing a letter making a case why a denial should be overturned. Appeals must be submitted by March 16.

Student-athletes should be aware that intra-district transfers can impact athletic eligibility. Because of that, they should consult with the district athletic director before seeking a transfer.

Eligibility for high school athletics is up to the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). GHSA decisions must be appealed through the GHSA.

To learn more, parents can call 912-267-4100, ext. 1143 or email sfarmer@glynn.k12.ga.us.

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