Woman killed, buried in yard remembered as compassionate, caring

Friends of Kristina French gather to honor her memory

Logan Mott and Kristina French
Logan Mott and Kristina French

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – Kristina French loved her family, and she always stayed focused on becoming a more compassionate person, her loved ones said Sunday.

“I’ll remember her constant kindness,” said Leah Hudson, a friend. “In our book club, we read books that would kind of press the edge of the envelope on spirituality.”

French, 53, was killed and buried at a Neptune Beach home. Her body was found last month in her son’s yard. Police are charging French’s 15-year-old grandson, Logan Mott, with the woman’s death.

Candles lined a small backyard gathering Sunday where French’s friends came to remember her.

When asked what she believes happened inside the home, Hudson said, “I have no idea. I wouldn’t want to speculate on that.”

And French's friends don't seem to know why Mott would have killed his grandmother, if that’s indeed what happened.

French’s son said he arrived at his Neptune Beach home last month after his mother and grandson never picked him up from the airport. He returned to a ransacked house with missing guns -- and the two were nowhere to be found.

Police later discovered French’s body. Mott was arrested in New York.

French will be remembered as a woman who worked to better her life.

“Tonight, really, we’re just trying to honor Kristina’s memory and her constant devotion to leading a more compassionate and caring life,” Hudson said.

French’s friends said she always spoke highly of her grandson, Logan, and they are shocked by her death.