Family offers $500 reward for answers in man's hit-and-run death

'You can't sleep at night because you don't know,' sister-in-law says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a man found dead the morning after Thanksgiving is desperately pleading for answers.

Jamie Anderson's body was discovered Nov. 24 in a ditch along Bowden Road South off Belfort Road. Investigators believe the 48-year-old was killed in a hit-and-run Thanksgiving night. 

His sister-in-law, Lisa Anderson, told News4Jax on Monday that her family is willing to do whatever it takes to get answers in his death. She said they're posting flyers, hoping someone who knows something will come forward. 

To help bring in tips, the family is offering a $500 for information leading to answers.

"We don’t know anything," Lisa Anderson said. "We still don’t know anything more than we knew two and a half weeks ago. Nothing."

Lisa Anderson said the pain she feels from the loss of her brother-in-law is something she never could have imagined.

"I’ve never been through this before. I know I’ve seen people on the TV talk about it, crying, and my heart went out to them. And I always said I couldn't imagine what that felt like and now we know," she said through tears. "Now we know what it feels like, and it’s horrible."

Aside from losing the man she described as kind and generous, Lisa Anderson said the uncertainty surrounding his death is the hardest part.

"You can’t sleep at night because you don’t know if it really was something that was instant, if he laid there and suffered, if something happened before he got to that point," she said. "We know nothing."

Lisa Anderson said her brother-in-law cared for his mother, and was walking to a nearby store Thanksgiving night. Somewhere along the way, investigators believe he was hit by a passing truck and left in the ditch, just yards from his home.

His sister-in-law said her family has no leads on the driver, and still don't know Jamie Anderson’s cause of death.

Now, they’re pleading for information that could answer their questions.

"It doesn't matter how small or how unremarkable it is -- of something that you may have seen or heard or thought you heard," Lisa Anderson said. "It could be the one that could lead to exactly what happened."