Walrus calves make debut at SeaWorld Orlando

Calves named Ginger and Aku


ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld Orlando will be debuting two new additions to their family on Wednesday, walrus calves Ginger and Aku.

The two calves will be a part of the park's Wild Arctic habitat, and although they came from two very different conditions, the two seem to be getting along swimmingly.

Ginger is an Orlando native; she was born at SeaWorld Orlando in June. Aku, however, was rescued from a gold mining dredge off the coast of Alaska. When wildlife officials were figuring out the best place to put Aku, they decided to bring the walrus to Orlando in order to have a social companion in Ginger.

PHOTOS: Walrus calves make debut at SeaWorld Orlando

The two animals have become friends and have been receiving care at their new home. The two calves are not the only animals in their exhibit; they'll share their space with several other animal species found in arctic waters. This includes adult Pacific walruses along with beluga whales.

Ginger and Aku will make their debut to the public Wednesday, allowing park guests to learn more about the animals and what they can do to help walruses in the wild. Guest will be able to see the two walrus friends play, socialize and receive care from SeaWorld staff members.