Local choir students sing their way to the White House


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In just days, choir students at Trinity Christian Academy are getting a once in a life opportunity. They’re going from the River City to the nation's capital for a chance to sing at the White House. 

The Trinity Christian Academy Voices are among a select few to be a part of the White House Christmas tours. Students leave for D.C. on Sunday and are scheduled to perform on Monday. The last few weeks have been all about practice. 

The kids couldn't be more excited and they know just how to capture the spirit of Christmas.
"You can communicate through singing and it's great. Personally, I'm a Christian. I like to sing praises to the Lord. It's really a great way to have that bond with Him," said Lillie Bullard.

Lillie and her classmates are excited to take their passion to the White House, a place they never imagined.
“It's my first time in all the four years that I've been in this choir. I'm real excited to almost be part of the decorations that they have at the White House," said Jensen Beck, a senior at Trinity Christian Academy.

This once-in a lifetime opportunity came about three weeks ago, when their director, Joan Cordell, had the group record a video audition. 
"She walked in one day and she was like, 'we got it'. I was like, 'no way! That's so crazy’,” said Lillie.
The group will serenade White House visitors for about three hours, and they'll perform five or six songs on loop.

"It is nerve-wracking because you don’t know who is going to walk through the White House. When we're singing, we don't know if the president is going to be there. We don't know what's going to happen. So it will be nerve-racking," said Lilie.
While there's no guarantee the Commander-in-Chief will make an appearance, the group is grateful for this opportunity.
In addition to performing at the White House, the students will spend two days touring Washington, D.C. They'll be coming back Wednesday. 

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