Morning meteor shower, a few clouds and chilly temperatures

Becoming mostly sunny and our temperatures bounce back

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – High (ice crystal) clouds have moved overhead and are now blocking our view of the Geminid meteor shower. Looks like those in Georgia will have the next chance of seeing it in the pre-dawn skies.

Chilly temperatures too! Sunrise temperatures starting off around 40° will quickly jump into the 60s before lunch and then top out around 70°.

All-in-all we enjoy pleasant, not perfect, weather the next 3 days as our roller coaster weather continues with clouds moving into our Southern Counties this evening, possibly bringing a shower or two later tonight.

Friday will be a "cold front day" with the "dry" front passing through in the afternoon. Chilly air will be slow to move in behind the cold front so, Friday will again see highs around 70°. 

Saturday will be another "down day" as temperatures drop back into the 40s for morning lows and only in the 60s for highs.

Meanwhile, a mini-polar vortex has developed in Eastern Canada and this will throw shots of arctic air towards the Eastern United States, just glancing us with each shot. The reality is, a very warm first week of December has left snow cover just now building near the Great Lakes. Snow cover is key in bring freezing temperatures to Jacksonville. Right now the Great Lakes snow (and ice pack) is in the early stages of winter.

It will be another 2-4 weeks before the snow pack gets deep enough along the U.S.-Canadian border to really impact Jacksonville, when those bigger shots of cold air head our way.

The next really big shot of cold air may show up just after Christmas. 

Interestingly, the days before Christmas may see afternoon temperatures approach 80°

Rollercoaster weather indeed!

Sunrise: 7:15 a.m.
Sunset 5:27 p.m.

6 a.m. 40°
8 a.m. 44°
10 a.m. 56°
12 Noon 66°

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