Jacksonville Sheriff's Office introduces new crime-fighting technology

Integrated Ballistics Identification System evaluates 3-D images of evidence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – City officials on Monday introduced new crime-fighting technology.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office demonstrated the newly installed Integrated Ballistics Identification System at the agency's Property and Evidence Warehouse. 

The technology is essentially a computer system that evaluates 3-D images of ballistic evidence, such as shell casings, to identify shooters. The system can also connect a gun to multiple crime scenes.

Sheriff Mike Williams called it a major step forward for his agency, saying what would have required them to go through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and wait months to get the results will now be done in-house in just hours. 

The Sheriff's Office becomes part of a network of about 175 law enforcement agencies around the county using the technology, which is considered the most advanced forensic tool used in ballistic investigations.

Officials said the technology has been years in the making and will work in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office's new SpotShotter technology.

"The commitment in providing the resources is clear," Mayor Lenny Curry said. "We're going to continue as a team to do everything we can to make sure that everybody in every neighborhood knows that we care about, and are invested in, their safety."

Curry also said the funding for IBIS was allocated in the budget, and called it money well-spent.