Donations down at local non-profits

Hurricane recovery may be to blame

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ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Charities usually see an uptick in donations around the holidays, but this season seems to be different. Many local charities have seen donations down.

One of the reasons may be that many people are still rebuilding following two hurricanes in two years. In St. Johns County alone, there are tens of thousands of insurance claims relating to storm damage.

The vice president of a local non-profit, St. Johns CARES, believes people don't have the resources to give back after Matthew and Irma.

"Other people are stretched thin, too," Cliff Honiker said. "People who would be giving are trying to recover from the same disaster.

The group's annual Giving Tree initiative, which just finished, took in $30,000 this year. Last year, the group raised about $50,000. The annual food drop also saw a $10,000 drop, which makes a difference in the long run.

"That's pretty sizeable," Honiker said. "That's a lot of meals that we can't contribute to the agencies that we support."

Even though St. Johns County is known as a wealthy county, many people still need help, especially in the southern part of the county.

Donations of all types are still needed, including socks, toilet paper, food, water and children's toys.

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