Middleburg family raising money to save teen's sight

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Imagine finding out your child is about to go blind in both eyes -- unless they undergo surgeries that cost thousands of dollars you don't have.

That's the predicament a Clay County couple finds themselves in. Their son, 14-year-old Ethan Alexander, has keratoconus, a rare and degenerative disease threatening to rob him of his sight.

To avoid going blind, the teen needs procedures, called corneal cross-linking, that are expected to cost $2,000 per eye. Afterward, he will require corrective lenses in both eyes.

The family said they have tried yard sales and reaching out to others in the hopes of raising money to cover their medical bills. But they're still nowhere close to affordable and time is running out.

To learn more or lend your help to Ethan's cause, please visit the GoFundMe page established by his family.