Fuel Fight: Wawa grand opening drives down gas prices at Town Center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A gas station chain is hoping to lure drivers to brave the St. Johns Town Center traffic with low prices and other incentives.

The grand opening of Wawa at the St. Johns Town Center has forced prices down at surrounding gas stations, and local drivers don't mind the competition.

"I just got gas at Gate two days ago for $2.34, now it's $2.09 so I'm glad I filled up today,” driver Jeff Gierke said.

Wawa is known for opening with a bang and offering substantially low gas prices during its first week. The $2.09 gas price had drivers stopping for a double take -- and a quick fill-up.

Drivers said the opening was perfect timing as people prepare to travel for the holidays.

According to AAA, 5 million Floridians are expected to hit the road between now and the end of the year. That's a more than 3 percent jump from last year.

The average gas price in Florida is $2.40.

But Wawa's promotional pump prices forced other local gas stations to follow suit. 

The Shell across the street dropped 25 cents to match the $2.09 per gallon Wawa price. Even the Gate along Town Center Parkway got in on the competitive prices as people piled into Wawa on opening day.

"There's a lot of people here,” Sharon Fetrow said. “There's not even a place to park right now."
But how low can the competitive prices go? 

Wawa opened a location earlier this month on Wilson Boulevard in Jacksonville and on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park. 

Gas there started at $1.99. 

Those are just a few of 20 locations Wawa plans to open in Northeast Florida.