Family offers glimpse inside Paxon home where mother, son found dead

Jacksonville police investigating deaths of Yolanda and Trevor Binns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a mother and her adult son who were found dead this week inside their home in the Paxon neighborhood on Jacksonville's Westside took News4Jax inside the house on Friday.

After police left and the Wyolen Street home was given back to the family, Lovely Binns allowed cameras inside to view the areas where the bodies of her mother, 57-year-old Yolanda Binns, and brother, 36-year-old Trevor Binns, were discovered.

Blood could be seen on the floor where Trevor was found dead and there appeared to be dried blood on the head of the bed on which Yolanda's body was found.

“He was found face down right there. There is the blood right there," Lovely said.

After walking through the living room, Lovely led News4Jax down a hallway, and showed what she believes to be her mother's bedroom door kicked in.

"All the wood and stuff on the floor. This has been kicked in," Lovely said. "When I saw the pictures form the crime scene, her face was busted up and her lip was busted.”

Based on what the family has seen inside, Lovely said, they now believe both Yolanda and Trevor were killed by someone who gained entry into the home. 

Even though she said her brother suffered from developmental disabilities, Lovely said she doesn't believe he would kick in the door and kill their mother.

“My brother don’t ever get in a rage like that. He never kicked momma’s door in because he’s always scared. He just stand out here and knock and say, 'Mom, can I have a cigarette?'" she said. "So somebody kicked the door in and killed her.”

Ernest Welker said that although his sister, Yolanda, and nephew, Trevor, both dealt with psychological issues, he strongly believes their deaths were not related to that.

“This is some act that was committed against them," Welker said. "We’re just upset and want to know who could have done something this treacherous to them.”

According to family, both bodies were discovered by Yolanda’s granddaughter.

As family members and friends gathered outside the home Friday evening, they were left wondering how their loved ones died.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has not released the circumstances surrounding their deaths. News4Jax left a message, asking for more information and if police are looking for a killer, but has not heard back.

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