Mother of Navy SEAL writes children's book after son's death

Keating-Joseph titled the book "Big Hearted Charlie Never Give Up"

U.S. Navy SEAL Charlie Keating words of wisdom have inspired many people, from business leaders to even his own mom, and now she's written a children's book about the patriot’s life lessons.
Behind the glass doors of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Jacksonville office y ou won't find the district's director making difficult decisions or ​handling the business of bureaucracy a December afternoon, b ut you will find his hands busy at work - writing lessons on a white board.
"So these are lessons in setting personal and professional goals. How to take things in bits and pieces, staying on tasks, staying focused, staying motivated," said Gregory Strong, Director, NE District of the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Those very lessons still motivate Gregory Strong today; almost two years after Navy Seal Charlie Keating first shared them with Strong's staff at the DEP.
"Charlies lessons in leadership are something we can always reflect on," said Stong.
Just like any proud mother, Charlie's mother, Krista Keating-Joseph was in the audience that day in December 2015.
"It was the most wonderful gift I could have been given, especially with what happened to him," said Keating-Joseph.

That gift would turn out to be those lessons - on note cards.
"When he was done speaking at the holiday party, he was going to throw these in the gar bage can and I said, 'No, no. I'd like those,' and I put them in my purse and thank God because I have all of these wonderful quotes about attention to details and bugs bring the best or worst out of you," said Keating- Joseph .
Krista’s decision to keep those cards turned out to be more meaningful than she’d ever expect.
Because t wo months later her son Charlie left on his final deployment. He was killed on May 3, 2016.
"Grief is terrible, but it has turned my grief into something where I feel like other people can learn from him," said Keating-Josepth.
She also is an author of children’s books, a nd those lessons learned that day at the D-E-P are now found in the her second book titled " Big Hearted Charlie Never Give Up: A Story About the Adventures of the Boy with the Biggest Heart" a ll in hopes of inspiring the youngest among us to work hard to achieve our dreams.
Charlie's mother says she plans to donate the money she makes from the book to the Navy SEAL Foundation and Jacksonville's K9s for Warriors organization.
You may order your copy of the book here .