Man climbs San Marco home column, adjusts security camera light

Homeowner watches man in real time via phone's app


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A suspicious man was caught on surveillance video climbing a column on a San Marco home Tuesday morning and readjusting a security camera light.

Later Tuesday afternoon, the man spoke with News4Jax saying he has spoken with police and has been cleared of any wrongdoing. The man said he was simply adjusting the light from shining into his home. 

The man was seen by homeowner Lauren Sellers via an app on her phone that is linked to security cameras on her property. 

Sellers said she constantly checks her phone while away and saw the man wearing all black climbing one of the columns on her home on, LaSalle Street, in real time.  

Sellers said that while the man was on the column, he used tools to reposition her security camera and light. She said she was shaking and her stomach dropped as she watched the man come and go. 

“You notice that he’s dressed in all black. He’s wearing what looks like a skull cap or a ski mask to cover his face that may have been rolled up at the time. I mean, whatever his intentions were, they were suspicious,” Sellers said. “He was bold enough, not only walk on my property but to climb a column to take matters into his own hands.”

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