Wind chill tonight of 25°, cold weather lasts all week

Hard freeze warning for some inland counties tonight through Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Yuck! Temperatures never warmed up today- and we can expect an inland hard freeze tonight. Afternoon temperatures were in the 30s with winds around 20mph. The highest wind gust we saw today was 42mph. 

Tonight the showers dry up and our skies clear, especially to the North of I-10. The clouds will be more persistent in our coastal and southern counties. Expect colder temperatures tonight and freezing temperatures will begin as early as 10 pm west of highway 301 and after midnight away from the coast close to I-95. Jacksonville's low should get down to 27°. The wind chill will be around 25°. Northerly winds will be between 15-20mph overnight. 

Because of the duration of mid to upper 20s tonight, a Hard Freeze Warning is in effect for inland counties of Southeastern Georgia and for inland Nassau, Baker, Columbia, Union, Bradford, Gilchrist, and Suwannee counties in Northeastern Florida. Areas under a Hard Freeze Watch can expect temperatures to be below 27 degrees for more than two hours.

The duration of the cold may cause freeze damage to exposed cold water pipes. You may need to slow drip or protect them from the cold starting by midnight.


A normal freeze is expected to the West of I-95, especially along and to the North of I-10. Most homes would need to cover sensitive plants, keep outdoor pets warm, and take care to heat your homes safely. The freeze will miss the beach.

For the week ahead, expect several back to back to freezes with afternoon highs only reaching the upper 40s.

Another chance for rain moves in Wednesday as a powerful gale spins off NE Florida. The low's track will determine the extend of rain spreading into the colder air inland. Freezing temperatures Wednesday north of I-10 into southern Georgia may result in freezing rain or flurries during the morning and afternoon. This unique setup will requires just the right timing for snowfall, so stay tuned to the Weather Authority for this potential. You can read more about the potential for winter precipitation here...

Despite the freeze, record lows are not in jeopardy. Another cold blast to end the work week could result in near record lows Friday morning if we drop into the mid 20s. Here are the record lows for the week: Tuesday 22º, Wednesday 19º,Thursday 22º, Friday 23º, Saturday 21º.

For the cold weather wimps- next Monday we will top out at 67°, hang in there.

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