Russell Tillis' attorney allowed to withdraw from murder case

56-year-old charged with kidnapping, killing, dismembering woman

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The lead attorney for Russell Tillis was granted a motion to withdraw from his murder case.

Tillis, 56, is accused of kidnapping, killing, dismembering and burying a woman in the yard of his home on Jacksonville's Southside, and will face trial on those charges later this year.

Irreconcilable differences were cited in the motion to withdraw by James Hernandez.

Last summer, Tillis complained to the judge that Hernandez wasn't handling aspects of his defense as he directed, and wasn't keeping him informed on developments.

During the course of his assault and murder cases, he’s had five attorneys so far.

Tillis' new lawyer, the sixth to represent him, is Michael Bossen.