Weather conditions bring street flooding in St. Augustine

Tidal flooding expected to continue through Thursday, city officials say

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Certain areas of St. Augustine will experience street flooding this week related to the current king tides, combined with strong northeast winds, city officials said Tuesday.

The conditions are expected to continue through Thursday.

Tuesday morning, the four-lane road along downtown St. Augustine's Bayfront had to be reduced to two lanes because of rising water. 

The king tides were not causing any problems Wednesday night.

Officials said the city continues to install “tide check valves,” which will minimize the extent of the flooding. According to the city, significant improvements have been reported by residents who live in areas where the valves have been installed. The project will continue later this month with the delivery of additional valve systems.

But, city officials warned, even in those areas where valves were installed, the combination of high winds and higher-than-normal tides may cause overtopping of the bulkhead bypassing the valves resulting in street flooding. 

Although the flooding is inconvenient, several people bundled up while walking through the city's historic downtown district on Wednesday evening said they were enjoying the cold weather.

"I'm originally from up North, so this is comfortable," St. Augustine resident Angus Campbell said. 

"I love it," said Liz Middleton, who was visiting St. Augustine. "It's like we finally get seasons in North Florida."

The city’s Public Works Department reminded the public of several safety tips:

  • Do not walk through floodwaters, as it can be dangerous and a health hazard.
  • Do not drive through flooded areas; turn around and find another way. It can be unsafe to drive through flooded areas.
  • Driving through floodedwaters can create waves, causing additional damage to surrounding landscape and property.
  • Be careful around manhole covers, as they can become dislodged by the high tides.

The public is asked to report flooding and clogged storm drains to the Public Works Department at 904-825-1040.

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