Jacksonville officer in crosswalk confrontation returns to patrol

Devonte Shipman, who recorded video, was ordered to pay jaywalking ticket

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville police officer who was in the cellphone video recorded when he issued two tickets to Devonte Shipman last year for jaywalking and not having a driver’s license in his possession is back on patrol, a source within the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirmed to News4Jax on Monday.

The video Shipman shot of his confrontation in June with Officer Jack Bolen received national attention.

The Sheriff's Office dropped the driver’s license ticket because Shipman wasn't driving. Shipman fought the jaywalking ticket in court and lost. He was ordered to pay the fine.

An appeal is pending.

JSO Internal Affairs opened an investigation into Bolen as a result of the video and complaint filed by Shipman. Bolen was found to have taken improper action and was given informal counseling. Complaints of unbecoming conduct and bias-based enforcement were not sustained.